Nonchalant Naturalist

Natural history and adventure scrap book


bird watchingI am a behavioural ecologist with a love of science and adventure. I am currently studying a PhD on the costs of chemical defence in the context of intraguild predation, using the native/naturalised 2-spot (Adalia bipunctata) and 7-spot (Coccinella septempunctata) ladybirds and the invasive harlequin (Harmonia axirids) ladybird as a study system. For more information on my lab group see here. I previously worked on much larger and furrier species, making my first foray into the world of sensory ecology during my undergraduate thesis, where I studied the longevity of Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) scent signals. I then spent two years as assistant project manager for the Cardiff University Otter Project and two months as the small mammal research scientist in Cusuco National Park, Honduras, for Operation Wallacea.

When not in the lab or the field I am usually in a pair of running shoes, walking boots, skiis, in the surf or on a river somewhere in my small yellow kayak clementine. Other times I just sit on the beach eating cake…..

If you have any comments of questions then email, snail mail and smoke signal are all welcome forms of communication. See here for contact details.

(Photo courtesy of Eleanor Warren-Thomas)

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